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Tap Shower

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The water pressure in the home is too big, and the faucet is splashing? Every time you open the faucet, the water pressure is too big, and the water will always splash around everywhere? Very wasteful of water? The faucet closes the small point, but the water flows very slowly?

Try this: faucet water-saving regulator to reduce pressure and shower-like flushing is quick and easy.

Water-saving faucet regulator: two kinds of water design, water column type, and shower type water outlet, the interface is made of high-quality PVC material, good sealing, and prevent splashing. Direct installation, suitable for round, faucet mouth of about 1.7cm in diameter

Two kinds of water outlet methods, which can adjust the size of the water area according to your own needs and improve the use efficiency. It is very suitable for washing dishes, washing vegetables, etc., saving water.

Regulating valve design, you can choose your own waterway

Showerhead hole: large shower area, easy to clean fruits and vegetables

Straight running water: water pressure can be adjusted to save water

PVC pipe can be bent 360° rotation, free to bend and rotate, clean the sink without dead angle

The pipe is made of high-quality PVC material, suitable for softness and toughness. It is suitable for faucets with a diameter of about 1.7cm. The water outlet plate is made of high-quality PP material. It is healthy and environmentally friendly.

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